School Counseling Mindfulness Activity: Be the Bubble

As counseling providers know, mindfulness creates real benefits for our bodies, minds, and relationships! These benefits are of course not limited to adults, and schools all over the country are recognizing the ways in which mindfulness can positively impact the school environment, grades, and behavior.

I love teaching mindfulness at the elementary level, as it increases self-regulation, reflection, and even compassion. I wanted to share one of my favorite methods of teaching mindful breathing, particularly to early elementary students. We call this “Be the Bubble Breathing” or “Bubble Breathing” for short 🙂

What you’ll need: bubbles and bubble wands, a quiet space, and willingness to try new things! Blow a few bubbles through the wand, asking students to watch how the bubbles fill and float away.

Instructions for students:
-Imagine that you are a bubble. As you breathe in, focus on your body being filled with air, just like a bubble is filled as you blow through a bubble wand.
-As you blow out your breath, feel your body relax, letting your thoughts about the past and future float away, just like a bubble floats.
-Focus simply on your present feelings and thoughts about the current moment.

Repeat several times and debrief! Find out what the experience was like for your students, how their bodies felt, what it was like to focus only on the present and let the past and future float away. You may also choose to let students blow bubbles afterward – who doesn’t love blowing bubbles?! Encourage them to watch the bubbles and continue focusing on the feeling of filling their lungs with air to blow the bubbles and letting it go as they blow.

How do you teach mindfulness in your school? This is one of my favorite methods, and I’m always looking for more ideas!

For more information on mindfulness, check out the Greater Good Science Center from University of California, Berkeley.

If you’re looking for ready-made resources to promote mindfulness in your school, check out my TpT resources.

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